Dear Friends and Fans,

In 2000 – at the turn of the century - I decided to close the door to the fan club I had run myself for a number of years throughout my film career, when each month I wrote articles, cut and pasted them in a newsletter format and mailed them out to a list of individuals who had, at one time or another, communicated with me.  I also responded to many letters I received from individuals who were incarcerated for one reason or another – never judging the circumstances, rather taking the opportunity to provide a little love and Light into their lives. I took this very seriously. You see, simultaneously I was studying on my spiritual path. I meditated daily, focused on the Ancient Wisdoms, attended seminars to learn tools and healing modalities, and embraced my “Inner Goddess” and my gifts as an intuitive and counselor.

(I’ve written about the dichotomy of my life at that time in my autobiography “Taboo: Sacred, Don’t Touch” which is available on this website. And, if you buy a copy directly from this site, I will personally sign it for you.) Click here: http://kaytaylorparker.com/product/taboo-sacred-dont-touch

The dichotomy of my life continues today as the Internet continues to expand. It seems my fan base also continues to grow as do the requests for contact and so, due to overwhelming demand, this website has been launched.  I hear people refer to me as an MILF and even a GILF (yikes!!)  - and I submit to you that the Taboo movies for which I am best known, leave a lasting impression because the Oedipal complex is alive and well – the pure love of the Mother is the first love we experience, and perhaps, in many ways, we spend our lives seeking once again.  This is my theory!

My career in film is a significant and vital part of me, I learned many lessons and truths about sex and intimacy which I’ve been able to integrate into my work as a counselor and mentor, and so I am forever grateful for my journey, for the friends I made and the platform it has provided me to reach many people worldwide.  And perhaps your appreciation of me is due in part to the love I express, that I embody through the roles I played.  I hope so.

My life mission is and remains to uplift collective consciousness and in these tumultuous times, I am committed more than ever to inspire love, forgiveness, compassion and, above all else, personal responsibility. I have been counseling and mentoring others for over 30 years, assisting them to reclaim their power from whatever past pains and situations they may have endured, helping to reveal their soul’s reasoning for these choices  and moving into a whole new life experience. I offer Skype and in-person sessions through my other website www.kaytaylorparker.com.

Enjoy the items I’m offering on this site – they come with love!