1984 Interview with Kay

Health Spa

Best Little Whorehouse in Texas

Me on the set of "A Taboo Identity"

"Health Spa was one of those life changing experiences where not only did I meet a very pivotal person in my life  (See: The Value of Past Life Exploration) but I was in a scene with a beautiful actress named Abigail Clayton who went on to appear in a King Kong movie directed by a well-known Italian director. 

It was my first woman-woman scene and I was very nervous. Abigail put my mind to rest and we performed in this scene together - one of the most sensuous scenes I have ever seen in any film. It received a standing ovation at the premier!"

On the last day of shooting Health Spa, my character, sufficiently sexually awakened from her experiences, is seen sitting astride a cellulite reducing machine (the one with horizontal rollers that pound away at one’s thighs) in a gym. I was to ride the machine to the point of climax.  (The edited film freeze-framed on me deep in the throes.) The director, an actress named Emily Smith called “cut,” but even as we concluded the shot, the machine began to smoke. Holy Moly, I thought, how perfect, I made the machine smoke! I called over to the producer who was standing closeby. We should get this on film I insisted! He put his finger to his mouth to shush me. He was concerned that the machine was in fact broken, and he would be deemed responsible. 

Trust me though, it happened!

A Taboo Identity

Pussycat Theater

"My brief appearance in "Best Little Whorehouse in Texas" was originally to have been shot in semi-nudity, at least that's what I was told at the initial meeting with the director.  

However, the creative minds on the production decided instead to use me in a reproduction of a famous Rita Hayworth still photograph that was to be part of the opening montage of the film."

​-from "Taboo: Sacred Don't Touch"

Evil Step-Mother

Kay's Photos


Private Teacher

“Dracula Sucks” later entitled “Lust at First Bite”

“Dracula…” was another ground breaking extravagant and expensive production for the X-industry rumored to cost close to a million dollars. We even had a second unit to shoot exteriors! It was shot at a small castle built for the owner’s wife in the California desert. 

John Leslie, Paul Thomas, Annette Haven, Serena, John Holmes, Jamie Gillis, “Papa Bear” Bill Margold, my “son” from Taboo Mike Ranger, and a brand new platinum-blonde phenomenon we’d later come to love as Seka were just some of the cast!  My character was Dr. Sybil Seward Sister to John Leslie’s character and we’d find out who was really in charge!"

The one where I quoted Shakespeare!

I always enjoyed working with Robert McCallum aka Gary Graver. Gary knew his craft well, after all he had been Orson Welles’ cinematographer. He usually wrote the scripts, directed and operated the camera; he was a one-man band. And, he had been my first director – in “V-The Hot One,” where, as a very nervous first timer in a purely “straight” role, I thought I had failed miserably.

I called Tom Byron the “perpetual virgin” of the business. His boyish looks were very convincing and he pulled off roles as a virgin amazingly well, again and again! And Tommy could act! This film was perfect for both of us and it was a joy because, not only did we both fit the parts well but if offered a good opportunity to do some heartfelt acting.

The seduction scene is one of my favorites – to be given the chance to quote Hamlet was a coup I thought, even though we only used parts of that famous speech, it worked well. I remember being more than just a little frustrated because of the time constraints. Give me a couple more takes – please!!! But so it was in porn, we were lucky if we got two takes!  

After the main sex scene, I felt it would be appropriate to have a tender moment between teacher and pupil and Gary allowed me some creative input. I wrote the dialogue between Tommy and myself and Gary shot it in low-light thus giving it the feel I wanted. This was a moment I was proud of!

"On July 12th, 1984 at the Pussycat Theater in West Hollywood (today a gay theater) Eric Edwards and I were immortalized in cement at the premier of Cecil Howard's "Firestorm."

1984 Interview

Dracula Sucks, aka, Love at First Bite

"Could I really believe that I was playing the evil step-mother in one of the most iconic stories in literary history? 

Even though this was X-rated, I relished this opportunity which involved working again with lovely Abigail Clayton, mixing spells and asking the magic mirror "who is the fairest of them all?" 

Plus, "having it out" dramatically with the legend that is Paul Thomas?"

"By X-rated standards in 1977, “Sexworld” was an expensive and lavish production which employed the who’s-who of the business, talent-wise, at that time, both actors and technicians alike. It’s a take-off on the Hollywood classic “Westworld,” only in our case individuals may live out their sexual fantasies.

It was my first sex role, and I was nervous as can be, but with director Anthony Spinelli at the helm and a group of really great co-actors, it became a rich and satisfying experience. The make-up man had worked on the most famous women in the world including Elizabeth Taylor, Jackie O and many more, my tooth got chipped when Joey Silvera and I miscalculated a slap and I dyed my hair red...otherwise,  for the full account of my life-changing experience, check out the chapter entitled my “First Time on Film” in my book “Taboo: Sacred, Don’t Touch.”