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September 2017

"A Taboo Identity" is Coming!

The documentary about my transition from my film career to my work as a spiritual mentor entitled "A Taboo Identity" is now scheduled for release on DVD in January.

A  Facebook page as well as an IMDB page has been set up to keep you informed both under the title "A Taboo Identity." You can track the progress on those sites.

The film is being submitted to film festivals in the US and Europe and to on-line venues.

Additionally my talk at Iowa State University and other appearances in the Mid-West have been pushed back until the spring - I'll keep you informed about dates on this site.

My health is good after my surgery in June and I have made a full recovery. I'm feeling great and plan to do some writing this Fall. I'm working on several projects - more on those when it's time! Thanks to those who have asked.

Otherwise, we survived the fires and scorching heat  thank goodness, and hopefully rain is on the way to relieve the gardens so badly in need of a good drenching.

My prayers are with those in Florida reeling from the devastation from the hurricane.

Have a healthy and prosperous Fall.

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