Kay with iconic director Anthony Spinnelli

About Kay

In 1975, through a chance meeting with the legendary porn star John Leslie, Kay was invited to meet with Robert McCallum (aka Gary Graver) for a role as the Madame in his “V-The Hot One,” an X-rated version of the French film classic “Belle du Jour.”

Prior to that meeting, British born Kay had studied acting with an improvisational group in San Francisco for a year, an experience that changed her life.  She also served as an usher, not only at the San Francisco Opera but also at the prestigious American Conservatory Theater and drank in the rich culture, fueling her attraction to acting. 

Following “V-The Hot One,” John Leslie once more connected her with other directors in the brand new X–rated industry including Anthony Spinelli who cast her in Sexworld, a large budget movie for the time. This was another life-changing event as Kay, while at first reluctant, agreed to perform sex in addition to dyeing her hair red for the part. The porno grapevine went to work and the offers came. Kay was older than many of the females in the business at the time and was able to play more mature roles such as the wicked stepmother in “Seven into Snowy,” “Private Teacher” and “Sweet Young Foxes.” Because of this she was in high demand. From time to time she also appeared in mainstream movies and TV in small roles. 

Kay moved to Los Angeles in late 1976 to pursue a mainstream acting career but destiny had other ideas! She embarked upon a period of spiritual study and continued accepting roles in X-rated films. Her most noted role was that of Barbara Scott in “Taboo,” the frustrated Mother in a relationship with her son.  “Taboo” remains one of the highest grossing X-rated films of all time and spawned many sequels. After “Taboo III” however, Kay chose not to accept other roles of this nature and continued to pick and choose from the many films offered to her. 

Although she only made about 50 films, Kay’s popularity has sustained over the years and she remains one of the most admired actresses of the Golden Era. She has received most, if not all, of the awards awarded by the Industry and appeared on TV talk shows coast to coast.

Since she was child Kay was aware of her innate abilities as an intuitive and seer and in 1985 she began working as a spiritual mentor and counselor and continues to this day to help individuals across the world to find their inner source and peace. 

Kay deeply acknowledges her career in X-rated movies as an important part of her own sexual/spiritual development and continues to embrace and meet fans worldwide and to share her life experiences. Now, as yet another incarnation of Taboo (Blueray) hits the market place, Kay offers you this new website – the only authorized website bearing her name.